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Company Divisions


Customized solutions for the Lubricant and Chemical products industry.

Venezia Hauling has a liquid fleet comprised of the industry's top rated safety in both drivers and compliance. A management team that understands the prior loads characteristics on the next loads integrity. We operate four basic types of trailers in this fleet depending on what needs to be achieved. These trailers are either stainless steel or aluminum, compartmented or single barrel. These trailers are baffle free vessels, to allow a true visual inspection prior to loading.. This fleet is where your product's quality can be controlled. We offer either air or pump unload on all of our units, so we can adapt to various consignee unloading requirements and configurations.



An extensive safety and product training program drives the success of Venezia's Propane Division

Venezia Hauling's LPG Division specializes in providing superior customer service and safe transportation of your LPG gas. We provide well-trained professional drivers, late model equipment, and real time information through satellite tracking.
Venezia provides year-round service to the Propane, Butane, and Propylene commodities, and is able to expand capacity to service the very seasonal demands of the LP Gas industry. We focus on providing our customers with the partnerships this industry is based upon, and back up our promise of service, by operating a larger off-season trailer-tractor ratio, and increasing our in-season capacity through the proper training of drivers working in alternate season commodities. Venezia understands that it is our job to get the job done at peak demand, and we must operate our business with that ultimate task in mind.

To accomplish this task, we look to develop long-term partnerships that aid in the development of our fleet. Join us in the development of our drivers, and together we can build a solid transportation service that becomes a direct link to your customers when you, and your customer, need it the most. Venezia is that transportation source you can count on. Our experienced management and sales team will work with you to customize our service to fit your needs. Let us show you the difference Venezia Hauling L.P.G. division can make.



Experience and Knowledge in seasonal asphalt shipments

Venezia Liquid Tank Lines' Asphalt Division operates 100 insulated aluminum and steel barreled trailers providing service to the seasonally demanding asphalt business. We understand the volume fluctuations of your business and can work with you to cover your needs on the busiest days. To this, we provide late model equipment, an integrated satellite tracking system, and drivers dedicated to safety and service. Our drivers are trained in the safe transportation and transfer of these high temperature liquids, and in proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We build partnerships with our customers and cater our service to meet the ever changing demands your business requires.

Dry Bulk

Innovative solutions for a just-in-time, inventory-managed marketplace

Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc. provides high quality service and professional, drivers that excel in this highly critical, time-sensitive marketplace. The Dry Bulk Materials Division specializes in providing pneumatic tank deliveries of bulk commodities to create efficiencies from seasonal and inventory-controlled demands. Venezia provides our customers with the convenience and comfort of having a private fleet without the annual burden of keeping the equipment and drivers working year-round. This fleet becomes an extension of your marketing efforts by providing superior service to your customers and emphasizing the true meaning of a customer-vendor partnership. In addition to seasonal construction-related products, our fleet offers dedicated equipment for commodities requiring this specialized service.

Food Grade

Knowledgeable driver personnel trained in regulatory FDA requirements

Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc. provides dedicated dry bulk food grade drivers and trailers to the food industry. Whether we are transporting flour, starch or other food-grade material, Venezia's strict adherence to food safety (HACCP) ensures that your product will maintain its integrity throughout the shipping process. Offering premium volume commitments throughout the short and long haul markets, this Food Grade Fleet provides our customers with superior, on-time, value-added service. We understand the dedication and importance of industry knowledge. Our fleet and drivers are a direct extension of your company and take pride in performing above expectations.
Our late model fleet and professionally trained driver's provide a premium service in a highly specialized market. The Venezia staff and drivers have pride and commitment in the service provided to the food industry.

Plastic Resin

Venezia Bulk Transport, Inc. provides premium professional service to the plastic resin industry

This fleet offers dedicated, short haul and over-the-road service. We understand the efficiencies of this varied length of haul and assist our customers in the creation of opportunities to cut cost and operate in the most efficient manner. We continuously search for the most cost-effective approach to the delivery of your product and build customer loyalty through the implementation of this creativity.

Rail Transfer

Assisting our customers' supply chain needs via rail-to-truck transfer

Served by major railroads, regional rail carriers and short lines, Venezia's regional rail transfer network can accommodate a variety of logistics requirement. Our facilities have extensive railcar capacity, transferring hundreds of thousands of pounds of product annually.

Specialty Product Division

Diversification drives our Success

Venezia offers both van and flatbed service for specific customer requests and we can certainly cater to your needs by providing you with vans, flatbeds and large aggregate storage units for highway and airport service road jobs.


Phone Numbers:
Sales Department: 1-800-523-5572
Recruiting Department: 1-800-338-5439
Human Resources: 1-800-752-9231
Maintenance 1-800-292-7971
General: (610) 495-5200

Mailing Address:
Venezia Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 909
Royersford, PA 19468